5 Exercises for the Voice + 5 More

Woburn Studios, London, UK - October 2007

The performance ‘5 exercises for the voice + 5 more’ is a sequence of live actions devised to exercise the ‘voice’ in its many material guises; for example, through verbal repetition, whispered utterance, hand-drawn line, projected shout and trumpet sound. For the piece, a stage is set with one large roll of white paper front stage right and one small table front middle-left with the following props: one clear pint glass of water; one small heap of salt crystals; one teaspoon; one eye dropper; stack of white notecards. Engaging with the audience throughout at multiple scales of relationship, the performance ultimately results in a large-scale drawing as both remnant and document. The work was presented as part of Image, Music, Text: A Turtle Event at Woburn Square Studios, hosted by the Slade School of Fine Art at University College London.