Art X Contemporary Art Exhibition, Toyama, Japan - July 2006

Integrating performance, moving image and installation art, ‘Cell’ explores issues around haptic visuality and drawing within digital aesthetics. First, a simple performative act – the turning of a circular floor in the site of an old bank vault – is recorded onto digital video tape. The image of the performance, displayed on a computer monitor, is subsequently re-recorded multiple times, thereby ‘degrading’ the image. This generates haptic quality to the resultant series of screen images.  This series of images is then used to performatively construct a line drawing – a geometric ellipse – embodying, over time, the ‘degradation’ (i.e. emergent hapticity) of the screen image. The resulting 6-channel video and sound installation was exhibited as part of the ArtX Contemporary Art Exhibition in Japan, and supported by the British Council and Sasakawa Foundation, Japan. (Video forthcoming below.)