Of Insects & Ash at Copy Press Launch


We will present 'Of Insects & Ash', a live performance involving moving image, spoken word and props, as part of the launch for Copy Press held on 25th May, 2013, at Conway Hall.

Copy Press is an independent publishing company based in London, dedicated to extending ideas of writing, pictures and readability. Currently publishing 100-page paperbacks under the series name Common Intellectual, each title provides a proposition for living, thinking and enjoyment. Copy Press publishes authors whose work endeavours to bring writers and readers into a space where common voices can come together and gather mass.

This extraordinary day of demonstrations and propositions will include Barbara Campbell-Lange / Julia Calver / Neil Chapman / Maria Fusco / Vit Hopley / Jaki Irvine / Jaspar Joseph-Lester / Yve Lomax / Sharon Morris / Hayley Newman / Francette Pacteau / David Roberts / Michael Schwab / Francis Summers / Anne Tallentire / Caroline Woodley / Kreider + O’Leary

We will be publishing a book entitled Falling as part of the Common Intellectual series for Copy Press.