Ways to Cut the Earth Open at University of Westminster

On 17th January, 2014, we will present 'Ways to Cut the Earth Open', the second in a series of lectures entitled 'Print Screen: Writing and the Moving Image' run the by the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster.

Ways to Cut the Earth Open’ is a cross-platform survey that examines a number of sites recently explored by Kreider + O’Leary in their nomadic practice. Using the sectional cut and the filmic splice as starting points they explore strands from their recent site-based works to thread together narratives of place and displacement. Predicated on an aesthetics of response while engaging with the complexity inherent in a given site, their work is both a form and act of communication: therefore, and necessarily, clouded by ambiguity. This prompts a critical investigation into the role of ambiguity for creative practices that relate to site, including writing and the moving image.

17th January, 6.00-8.00pm
The Old Cinema, University of Westminster
309 Regent Street
London W1B 2UW