Open City artists pages in Performance Research


Reflecting on our recent trip to Open City in Ritoque, Chile, we have just published a series of artists pages in the latest edition of Performance Research: On Poetics & Performance (Volume 20:1).

In this series of word-and-image pages, the collaborative pair Kreider + O'Leary reflect on their site visit to the Open City in Valparaiso, Chile. Situated in the sand dunes just off coast of the Pacific ocean, this radical pedagogical experiment was founded in 1971 by the Chilean architect Alberto Cruz and Argentinean poet Godofredo Iommi. Open City is as much a school as it is an urban laboratory and the embodiment of a utopian ideal. Here architecture is constructed on a foundation of poetry and shifting sand and, as students of the Open City, Kreider + O'Leary examine the place in detail. In this series of word-and-image pages they present these findings in a loose taxonomy: a configuration of words and lines; a cifra reflective of their study of site and that marks the beginning of their story of Open City.

The front cover of the journal shows an image from our performance / installation at Open City, entitled Cifra.

Performance Research: On Poetics & Performance 2015 (Volume 20:1): 70-76.