Drawing Ambiguity

Drawing Ambiguity cover 2014 - small frontonly.jpg

We have contributed a chapter to the book Drawing Ambiguity: Beside the Lines of Contemporary Art, which has just come out with I.B.Tauris. The chapter, entitled 'Particles of Moisture and other Substance Suspended in Air and Visible as Clouds: Approaching Ambiguity through Site-Related Creative Practice' outlines a history, theory and practice of site-related creative practices across poetry, art and architecture. In setting this out, we argue for the importance of ambiguity in such practices, including our own. Alongside this written component, we engage with an expanded drawing technique to delineate the specific narrative of one of our site-related projects, Video Shakkei.

Drawing Ambiguity: Beside the Lines of Contemporary Art, edited by Phil Sawdon and Russ Marshell, is the third book in the innovative TRACEY series on contemporary drawing. Drawing Ambiguity builds upon its predecessors, Drawing Now: Between the Lines of Contemporary Art, 2007 and Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art, 2012, by proposing that a position of ambiguity, a lack of definition, is not only desirable within fine art drawing but also necessary - having the capacity to enable and sustain drawing practices. What happens if we are ambivalent to what is a drawing, or what drawing is? 

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