A Constellation, A Cluster, A Grid at Goldsmiths College

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A Constellation, A Cluster, A Grid
Studies in Urban Formation
Date:               Monday, 3rd October
Time:               5.30pm-7.00pm
Location:         Professor Stuart Hall Building, Lecture Theatre 02, Goldsmiths, University of London

Three different urban situations: 

  • the Open City, a radical pedagogical experiment and utopian architectural project founded in 1970 by the Argentinian poet, Godofredo Iommi, and the Chilean architect, Alfredo Cruz, as part of the Catholic University of Chile in Valparaíso;
  • the ‘post-conflict’ city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, where plans are currently underway to remove the city’s infrastructure of ‘Peace Walls’ by 2023;
  • the development of a new campus for the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) on the south side of Chicago in the mid-1950’s.

As the focus of Kreider + O’Leary’s creative collaboration, each situation is met with acts of writing, drawing, filming, performance and installation. These acts yield considerations of governmentality, community and resistance as well as, more abstractly, thoughts around a triadic relation between ‘form’, ‘figure’ and ‘rhythm’. For the purposes of this talk, these situations will be presented through extracts of writing as well as images and film clips with the specific aim of opening them up to questions of – and a discussion around – issues of globalization, urbanization and identity.