Opening Keynote: 10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, Zurich Z_hdk


10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research
Zurich University of the Arts, March 21-23, 2019

Kristen Kreider & James O’Leary

The beautiful mess we’re in: On Inspiring Failures

In his essay ‘Mistake Mystique’ from the collection Education Automation: Comprehensive Learning for Emergent Humanity, Buckminster Fuller discusses the importance of error and mistake in any learning process. Rather than viewing mistakes as something to be avoided, Fuller sees them as something to be made – and continually so – since, in his words, ‘thinking accrues only after mistake-making which is the cosmic wisdom’s most cogent way of teaching each of us how to carry on’. This talk takes Fuller’s idea as a starting point to discuss the role of failure, mistake, and error in the process of art research. Along the way, and guided by the figure of Kybernḗtes, we will look at aspects of decision-making and judgement; action, work and labour; materiality and resistance; rhythm and governmentality. All the while other figures will be falling - we hear something about philosophy, laughter, architecture, war and the beautiful mess we’re in.

Thursday March 21st / 5.30pm / Concert hall, 7th floor, 7.K12

Dr. Kristen Kreider is Professor of Fine Art and Director of the PhD Programme at Goldsmiths College, London.
James O’Leary is Associate Professor and Director of the MA Situated Practice programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London.