Fieldwork: København at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts

"Architecture is always the ultimate achievement of intellectual and artistic evolution, the materialization of an economic stage. Architecture is the final point in the achievement of any artistic endeavor because the creation of architecture implies the construction of an environment and the establishment of a way of life." - Asgur JORN, Architecture for Life, Potlatch #15, 1954

From 2 April - 9 April 2013 we will run a workshop for students at the Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen. Entitled 'Fieldwork: København', this workshop will encourage architects to think like ethnographers, poets and critics. We will take as our starting point a triadic relationship between three texts including:

With these in mind, we will students a number of tasks that, together, will document Copenhagen as a system of interconnected spatial relationships: a series of relationships documented through subjective and critical  acts of site-study / mapping / ethnography.