Light Vessel Automatic at Tate Britain


We will be presenting a new work entitled LIGHT VESSEL AUTOMATIC at 'Performing Architecture' at TATE Britain. The event will be on Friday, 1st February 2013 from

For ‘Performing Architecture’ Kreider & O’Leary present LIGHT VESSEL AUTOMATIC, guided tour ‘en-promenade’ exploring specific details of the building fabric. With archaeological levels of detail, they use images, video and architectural elements to explore the site as the fulcrum for a number of inter-related systems, whether spatial, historical, social or artistic. These systems reveal a series of interlocking narrative threads that coalesce around the site, entangling its history and forming a foundational mesh for its future potential.

With thanks to Caruso St John Architects

Curated by Marianne Mulvey. 
Kreider + O'Leary - Alex Sweder - Lamis Bayer - Emptyset - Film Programme by the Architecture Foundation

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