Modes of Aberrant Research at the Whitechapel Gallery


We will be presenting a live rendition of Edge City employing spoken word and video mixing for 'Modes of Aberrant Research' at the Whitechapel Gallery, curated by Holly Pester.

An evening of deviant anecdotes, radical storytelling and narrative segues through archives, collections and institutions. New work by SJ Fowler, Patrick Coyle, Holly Pester and Kreider + O’Leary.

The Whitechapel Gallery
Thursday 7 August, 7pm – 9pm
Booking essential.
£8.50/£6.50 concession (£4.25 Whitechapel Gallery Members).


Drive Derivative at Reading as Art event

Working with sound artist Paul Banister of Audialsense, we will be performing a work entitled ‘Drive Derivative’ as part of the Reading as Art event curated by Sharon Kivland in collaboration with Mura Ghosh for the Bloomsbury Festival.

Evoking a wind that blows through a library, opening books, prompting unexpected stories, this evening of readings, art and performances engages with Victorian psychology from the library’s collections. Expect the unexpected! Artist and writer Sharon Kivland collaborates with psychology librarian Mura Ghosh to stage this special Senate House Library event.

October 15, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Senate House Library
University of London
Senate House,Malet Street,London,Greater London WC1E 7HU, UK


Edge City at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

We will be presenting a new work entitled Edge City at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, which runs from 13 September-19 December 2014. The work is part of the 'Close...Closer' associated projects selected by Triennale chief curater Beatrice Galilee.

Edge City consists of a performance, video installation and mediated city walk each exploring the maritime edges of Lisbon from the Ponte Vasco da Gama to the Ponte 25 de April near the Alcántara Docks. Operating at a crossover between cultural geography, video documentary and fiction, Kreider + O'Leary interweave spatial, historical, social and political narratives to create an immaterial overlay to the city’s urban fabric. Through this, they tell a story of discovery, encounter and overwhelm.

The work has three major strands:

1. Live Performance 
On the opening weekend of the Triennale, we will conduct a mediated guided tour of the maritime edges of the city for small groups of people. Starting at Cais do Sodré on the river's edge and working ‘en-promenade’, we will explore specific details of the city fabric, focussing on its maritime history. With archaeological levels of detail, they will use performance, props, images, texts and architectural elements to explore the site as the fulcrum for a number of inter-related systems.
- Date: 14th Sept 2013, departing at 19.00
- Location: Outside the Terminal Fluvial at Cais do Sodré Station 
- Tickets:

2. Video Installation 
For the duration of the Triennale, we will exhibit the work in the form of a video installation at Lisbon's Lx Factory. Here we work with time-based media and text to inter-weave spatial, historical, social and political narratives of the city of Lisbon. 
- Dates: 14th Sept – 15th Dec 2013
- Location: Lx FactoryRua Rodrigues Faria, 103 / 1300 - 501 Lisboa 
- LxFactory Exhibitions:

3. Self-guided Walk 
A self-guided walking tour will be made available on the Kreider + O'Leary website for the duration of the Triennale. Leading participants along the maritime edges of Lisbon between Cais do Sodré to Alcántara Mar cultivate, the tour works with digitally augmented spatial practice to cultivate an enriched, multi-layered cultural experience of the urban environment. Prior to departure, participants in the walk can log on to the webpage and follow the directions provided.
- Dates: 14th Sept – 15th Dec 2013
- Location: Start outside the Terminal Fluvial at Cais do Sodré Station at any time.
- Map and details:

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Blitzkrieg Sonata at Daniel Blau Gallery

The glare of many fires and sweeping clouds of smoke kept hiding the shape.  Then a wind sprang up.  Suddenly, the shining cross, dome and towers stood out like a symbol in the inferno.  The scene was unbelievable.  In that moment or two, I released my shutter.'
Herbert Mason on his iconic 1940 photograph of St.  Paul's Cathedral.

On 18th June we will be performing 'Blitzkrieg Sonata' at the Daniel Blau Gallery in London. Taking its cue from the the vintage 1940's photographs comprising BLITZ: WWII in LONDON (Daniel Blau Gallery, London), Blitzkrieg Sonata combines spoken word with live video and a collaborative sound work with Paul Bavister from Audialsense to capture the progressive degeneration of an imaged ideality; evoking a dreamworld in catastrophe. More prosaically, this piece explores -- as it embodies -- an enmeshment of image, architecture and ideology within the condition of continual and ongoing contemporary warfare.

The performance is part of a reading series entitled 'Amid the Ruins' that runs monthly at the Daniel Blau Gallery, and is organised by Professor Robert Hampson as part of the RHUL Poetics Research Centre with performances by:

+ Kreider + O'Leary with Audialsense
+ Allen Fisher
+ Stephen Willey
+ Becky Cremin

Daniel Blau Gallery, 51 Hoxton Sq, London N1 6BP, 7pm.


Of Insects & Ash at Copy Press Launch


We will present 'Of Insects & Ash', a live performance involving moving image, spoken word and props, as part of the launch for Copy Press held on 25th May, 2013, at Conway Hall.

Copy Press is an independent publishing company based in London, dedicated to extending ideas of writing, pictures and readability. Currently publishing 100-page paperbacks under the series name Common Intellectual, each title provides a proposition for living, thinking and enjoyment. Copy Press publishes authors whose work endeavours to bring writers and readers into a space where common voices can come together and gather mass.

This extraordinary day of demonstrations and propositions will include Barbara Campbell-Lange / Julia Calver / Neil Chapman / Maria Fusco / Vit Hopley / Jaki Irvine / Jaspar Joseph-Lester / Yve Lomax / Sharon Morris / Hayley Newman / Francette Pacteau / David Roberts / Michael Schwab / Francis Summers / Anne Tallentire / Caroline Woodley / Kreider + O’Leary

We will be publishing a book entitled Falling as part of the Common Intellectual series for Copy Press.


Light Vessel Automatic at Tate Britain


We will be presenting a new work entitled LIGHT VESSEL AUTOMATIC at 'Performing Architecture' at TATE Britain. The event will be on Friday, 1st February 2013 from

For ‘Performing Architecture’ Kreider & O’Leary present LIGHT VESSEL AUTOMATIC, guided tour ‘en-promenade’ exploring specific details of the building fabric. With archaeological levels of detail, they use images, video and architectural elements to explore the site as the fulcrum for a number of inter-related systems, whether spatial, historical, social or artistic. These systems reveal a series of interlocking narrative threads that coalesce around the site, entangling its history and forming a foundational mesh for its future potential.

With thanks to Caruso St John Architects

Curated by Marianne Mulvey. 
Kreider + O'Leary - Alex Sweder - Lamis Bayer - Emptyset - Film Programme by the Architecture Foundation

Curators Blog -


Rock Video performance at Tate Britain

'Performance burns up in its very performing and is gone. Its legacy may rely on the act of remembering. For Bodies of Memory, Tate Britain is inhabited by the collective recollections of many past performances, performed and spoken in passing fragments, rising and disappearing like memory itself. Its participants are an intergenerational group of performers, artists, writers, curators: people who witnessed something being done.' - Fiona Templeton

On 5th October we will take part of a Late at Tate programme entitled Acts of Legacyhaving been invited by the artist and poet Fiona Templeton to devise a component for her piece Bodies of Memory.  

For Templeton’s Bodies of Memory, Tate Britain will be inhabited by a collective memory of many past performances, performed and spoken in passing fragments, rising and disappearing like memory itself. Participants include performers, artists, writers, curators, and people who have watched something being done.  Currently to include: Heather Ackroyd, Gina Birch, David Gale, Helena Goldwater, Dave Goulding, Anthony Howell, Yoko Ishiguro, Glenys Johnson, Lois Keidan, Joe Kelleher, Kristen Kreider, Paulina Lara, Claire MacDonald, Angeliki Margeti, Brigid McLeer, Kate Meynell, Hannah Millest, Lucy Neal, Redell Olsen, Miranda Payne, Lorena Peña, Donna Rutherford, Graeme Shaw, Steve Slater, Gary Stevens, Minna Stevens, Peter Stickland, Fiona Templeton, Howard Tong, Amikam Toren, Caroline Wilkinson, Simon Vincenzi, Sylvia Ziranek .

For the event, will perform a new work entitled 'Rock Video'.

Tate Britain 
Friday 5 October 2012, 18.00 – 22.00